The mission of the Brantford Tax Project is to document the liberation of real property within the geographic land mass known as Brantford, using full disclosure we intent to induce the Corporation of the City of Brantford (herein “Brantford“) to provide evidence how the Property Tax and Levies are Lawfully Applied to the Mohawk Nation or Mohawk Individuals (For example Letters Patent, Royal Sign Manual, Warrants, Treaty etc:.). Upon a failure of Brantford to produce evidence of their claimed authority that Brantford abandon all claims against the Mohawk People, and that all unilaterally foisted obligations are void from the beginning, the mission includes the restoration of all Mohawk Estates, and the complete reversion (Status Quo Ante Bellum) of any and all non representational taxation including any and all unjust enrichments.

The success of the mission will define the liberated real property as repatriated holdings solely under the Mohawk Jurisdiction as extraterritorial lands, outside the jurisdiction of Canada. The outcome of this mission is seen as a diplomatic solution to the lack of political and judicial will of the Canadian government to provide proper restrainment of their local governments from menacing the Mohawk Civil Liberties.


The purpose of the Brantford Tax Project is to conduct practical exercises that will induce The Corporation of the City of Brantford to provide evidence how the Property Tax and Levies are Lawfully Applied to the Mohawk Nation or Mohawk Individuals. The Purpose of this Project is to meet our Goals as set forth in our Objectives. The goals of the project further include the evaluation of the demanded evidence as proof of Brantford claims, so that I and others can make a determination of the total liabilities, asses our interest and risk of any verified obligation of the Mohawk Peoples.


The scope of our Project includes the liberation of real property within the geographic land mass known as Brantford. To unincorporate the liberated real property as Independent holdings. To alert to and limit the harm done by Brantford’s ambiguous representation. To end Brantford’s tyranny and claims against the Mohawk Nation. To end Brantford’s treasonous contempt for the Canadian Sovereign and their usurpation of the Mohawk Peoples.


Housing: To provide safe and affordable housing to Mohawk families. To ultimately provide Mohawk families with a comfortable and nurturing environment that empowers the development of their community.

Programming: To connect people with quality and accessible programs that support participants and community members to gain the tools they need to support the Mohawk Way of Life. Our programs will consistently aim to fill gaps and build partnerships with others working in the community and international arena.

Be agents of change: Help to facilitate systematic change by engaging the publics-at-large and policy makers to better understand Mohawk civil liberty issues, while highlighting the stories and voices of Mohawk People with the goal of achieving wider societal change.

Build Community: Create and support a community within and beyond the geopolitical boundaries of Brantford where individuals feel safe, loved, cared for, welcome, supported, respected and included.

Develop as ‘learning’ organization: To be a ‘learning organization’ that is always developing, adapting and growing, as we work to meet the changing needs of our Nation, families and community members.

Diplomatic Accessibility: Developing a learning organization is critical to creating an availability of information that will help prevent the diplomatic issues being confused with domestic affairs.

  • Work to improve the way that Canadian public companies govern themselves, and the regulatory framework in which they operate, to ensure that the interests of their shareholders and key considerations in business decisions, including the use of corporate assets never outweigh the Mohawk Civil Liberties.
  • Be a constructive partner with boards and management and encourage leading companies to adopt the highest standards of governance and act as role models. The Brantford Tax Learning Organization will generally not publicly target the deficiencies of specific companies, but will privately engage them in a thoughtful discussion of our Mohawk Civil Liberties.
  • Work with companies and policy makers to ensure that Canadian public companies have governance practices and a regulatory framework that meet or exceed global “best practices”
  • To reinvigorate bilateral and familial ties with our faithful and beloved allies, through enhanced cooperation with their respective governments and peoples;
  • To promote and protect Mohawk national interests;
  • To promote trade and investment;
  • To promote tourism;
  • To enhance official and business visits at all levels of public and private sectors;
  • To argue the case for Mohawk Territories as a safe and competitive investment destination because of her strategic location, political stability, cost effective and trained labour force, and efficient telecommunications system.
  • To provide consular services to Mohawk ‘s abroad.